Cliff's autobiography coming soon!

Read an excerpt from Cliff's soon-to-be released autobiography. Available online only... from his Official Website. Click here to learn more.

Up, Up and Away...

Cliff Robertson, a pilot who happens to also be an Academy Award and Emmy Award winning screen star, says he remembers reading “Time Must Have a Stop,” by Aldous Huxley, years ago, and wondering about the title.

Hand Picked for PT-109

Cliff was personally chosen by John F. Kennedy to portray the president in the motion picture P.T. 109 —the story of Kennedy’s heroic World War II exploits as a P.T. Boat skipper.

Scottish Pride

New artifacts on display at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, KY illustrate Cliff Robertson's family legacy and national pride.

Thank you for visiting Cliff Robertson's Official Website. A true renaissance man, Cliff’s acting, writing, and directing skills have been applauded on T.V., stage, and in over seventy motion pictures.

"As long as I get phone calls from the Museum of Modern Art, that all the film buffs love it, that's a residual. It isn't a financial residual and it isn't an artistic residual, but it's an ego residual." ~Cliff Robertson

Honorary Cliff Robertson Documentary

Maybe you knew Cliff too, maybe you admired his performances on stage and screen, maybe you shared his enthusiasm for aviation, or appreciated his humanitarian work. Now you have the opportunity to help us produce a documentary that will honor him, creating a lasting record of his achievements.

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Over lunch in the Hamptons aviation journalist Robert Sirdey asked Cliff Robertson how he decided which roles to accept. Without hesitation Cliff answered "I wouldn't do anything that my granddaughter couldn't see." Please click below to visit for more donation details.

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